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As a nonprofit newsroom, we’re happy to let you republish our articles and graphics at no charge, but we do have some ground rules.

Republishing Guidelines

  • You must give us credit at the top of the story, either with a byline that reads “[AUTHOR NAME] | Folo Media” OR a line that reads: “This story was originally published by Folo Media.”
  • If published online, you must retain all links embedded within the story, and include a link to
  • If you republish our photographs, you must do it in the same story in which they appeared and include the credit line. For any other uses, you must seek permission from our team at
  • No editing, unless you need to adjust times, dates, and place names in keeping with your editorial style. (For example, if you’re not in San Antonio, you might need to edit lines like “Here in San Antonio….”)
  • When possible, include the following: Folo Media is a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization focused on the challenges and opportunities for vulnerable communities in San Antonio, Texas.
  • If you share the story on social media, please tag us accordingly:

**Note: These stories are available under a Creative Commons license called Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs. Please follow the rules of that license, including: Giving appropriate credit. Noting where changes are made. Not using the material for commercial purposes. Not remixing or building upon the material.