Will an Obama-era policy move more low-income renters north?

Housing rule change proposed by former HUD Secretary Julián Castro aims to spread more Section 8 renters to better neighborhoods. Whether those neighborhoods accept them remains to be seen.

Fighting the urge to segregate San Antonio’s schools

In San Antonio and across the nation, the terms “good school” and “white school” are often synonymous. While traditional districts wrestle with the reality of parental appetite for homogeneous schools, one district aims to disrupt the segregation market.

Reflecting on 2017: What it’s been like to report on San Antonio’s inequality

Each member of Folo Media looks back at 2017.

Former gang members nourish the barrio they once harmed

The Vietnam War lifted these former gang members out of one of the West Side’s most notorious neighborhoods and gave them a new perspective on the world.

San Antonio’s Muslim-led, free healthcare clinic

The doctors who run the El Bari clinic see healthcare as a right — and they’re determined to make it available to the most vulnerable.

For school boards short on savvy, corruption comes knocking

Yesterday, former SAISD trustee Olga Hernandez was acquitted of felony bribery charges in federal court. But her trial shows that corruption in Bexar County hits where it hurts.