How San Antonio left Edgewood to fend for itself

Reforms of the mid- and late-20th century offered opportunities for some school districts to shore up their property tax base and create more secure funding. Edgewood, however, would not be one of these.

Should schools do more than teach?

Kids don’t leave the effects of poverty at home. More frequently, schools are seeing an academic benefit to providing food, counseling, parenting classes and other services targeting the wide-ranging needs of low income families.

How San Antonio segregated its schools

The struggles that continue to plague Edgewood ISD are rooted in prejudice. Throughout the 20th century, those prejudices became public policy that would allocate services unevenly across the city, creating intractable inequities still visible in the city’s school districts.

Why Americans have no right to an education

How Texas’ school finance system helped perpetuate nationwide inequity.

Major Texas overhaul aims to improve the odds for students who begin college unprepared

In Texas, college students sent to remedial education usually don’t make it far. A new state law that revamps how that education is provided hopes to change that.

Can a community service center save a community?

The Good Samaritan Center addresses generational poverty by staying for the long haul.