Wally Perez

How the De Novo Foundation helped change one man’s life

One unique local charity is a Kickstarter for the down and out.

East Meadows residents talk life after Wheatley Courts

Leonard Walker, 57, and his wife Trelina remember living in Wheatley Courts for five years without central air or a washer and dryer. In 2013, they left their home when they learned of the U.S. government’s plan to demolish the outdated and notorious courts and erect, in their place, new apartments. Now, the Walkers are…

Dignowity Hill residents show support for homeless services

Rather than finding ways to rid homeless services in Dignowity Hill, residents place blame on themselves, claiming they need to do more to assist the homeless in the area.

SAY Sí artists are equal to the task of depicting inequality

Local students share the oft-unnoticed realities of inequality through art.

Students invite public into their stories of inequality

Visitors at an upcoming art exhibit may discover what many San Antonio youth say they already know: inequality makes life feel like a maze.