Caught between a car and a slow pace

In San Antonio, often those who can’t afford a car can’t afford not to have one.

When the dust settles on MLK Jr. Drive

It was another successful Martin Luther King Jr. march for the city of San Antonio. But there’s still work to be done. So, now what?

Will an Obama-era policy move more low-income renters north?

Housing rule change proposed by former HUD Secretary Julián Castro aims to spread more Section 8 renters to better neighborhoods. Whether those neighborhoods accept them remains to be seen.

Buying power: When selling is giving in the holiday season

A West Side tradition provides shopping opportunities for families who can’t afford retail prices. For parents who participate, the joy of purchasing gifts for their children brings dignity during the holidays.

What is economic segregation, and why does it matter?

San Antonio’s challenge is not about “income inequality” — it’s about space.