Darcy Sprague

San Antonio’s Muslim-led, free healthcare clinic

The doctors who run the El Bari clinic see healthcare as a right — and they’re determined to make it available to the most vulnerable.

San Antonio bodies, ZIP code by ZIP code

A Witte Museum exhibit devoted to health does not just teach visitors — it learns about them, too.

Is San Antonio ready to take on sugary drinks?

Excessive soda consumption could be the next public health issue on the City Council’s agenda.

Dressed to empower

Carmen Lidia De La Rosa started her nonprofit when she was 21, broke and just starting college. Six years later, she is launching her first major fundraising campaign.

The Asylum Station

A day at the Greyhound bus station in downtown San Antonio, where virtually every day immigrants seeking asylum in the United States are transported from detention facilities in South Texas and dropped off to await uncertain futures.