Ben Olivo

San Antonio is on pace to fill its affordable housing gap … by 2294

A deep dive into the challenges of building housing that people can afford in San Antonio, and the federal program and local policy that have caused so much rancor.

Nirenberg benches housing incentives policy, for now

Mayor Ron Nirenberg said the proliferation of luxury apartments in downtown San Antonio, as a result of the 2012 housing incentives policy, played a role in his decision.

What’s wrong with housing in S.A. — and how to fix it

At this weekend’s housing workshop, residents had a chance to speak up and identify problems with housing in San Antonio and offer solutions.

Explaining the complex Alazan Courts proposal

How the project’s 501 public housing units would be redistributed under a SAHA proposal and what that would mean for current residents.

Expert: 85 percent of 1.1 million new San Antonians will be Latino

How will San Antonio’s unique population growth affect its affordable housing dilemma?